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Moving from rhcloud to heroku

The day has come, after debating a while if I should take it on me to update to the newest version of ghost, I finally decided to combine this with a move away from rhcloud as they are discontinuing their current web service.

I was using rhcloud version 2 and version 3 does not fit my needs which is why I decide on heroku, a scalable docker service similar to version 2 of rhcloud. Unfortunately I am not able to store images on heroku, but I can solve this with some free firebase storage from where I can copy the URL.

I have also moved my personal website timroesner.com from rhcloud to firebase hosting which even provide a SSL certificate for free, which I am very happy about.

So far my technical update for today.

Update 8/25: Today came the email announcing September 30th as the end of life date for rhcloud version 2. That’s timing!